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PureAcacia Organic Coconut MCT Oil Powder

MCT Powder

PureAcacia Organic Coconut MCT Oil Powder is an off-white free flowing powder containing organic medium chain triglycerides of fractionated vegetable fatty acids (MCT) derived from coconut encapsulated by organic Acacia Fiber (gum arabic / gum acacia).

It offers all the benefits of organic MCT oil in an organic delivery system that is vegan, non-GMO, neutral in taste and smell, low glycemic, high in preboitic fiber, soluble in water, and ketogenic diet friendly. 

It is extremely functional in meal replacement shakes, sports shakes, powdered beverage, snack food, and nutraceutical applications. 

It is certified organic by Oregon Tilth and made in the USA.

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TEST Specification METHOD
APPEARANCE Off white to light yellow free flowing powder VISUAL
FAT, dry basis % 45 – 55 AOAC 963.15 / AOAC 963.22
LOSS ON DRYING, % 5 max USP <731>
AEROBIC PLATE COUNT, cfu/g 2,000 max USP <2021>
YEASTS & MOLDS, cfu/g 100 max USP <2021>
SALMONELLA, /10g Absent USP <2022>
E. COLI, cfu/g Absent USP <2022>
TOTAL COLIFORM, cfu/g Absent FDA BAM Chpt. 4 2013
ARSENIC, mg/Kg 1 max ICP-MS USP <730>
CADMIUM, mg/Kg 1 max ICP-MS USP <730>
LEAD, mg/Kg 1 max ICP-MS USP <730>
MERCURY, mg/Kg 1 max ICP-MS USP <730>
Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture