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PAT supplies the US, Canada, and Mexico with the full range of Lankem surfactants for all industrial markets including coatings, emulsion polymerisation, agrochemicals, and more.


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Lankem, founded in 1999 and based in the UK, specializes in surfactant products for industrial markets such as coatings, emulsion polymerisation, agrochemicals, textiles, oils, lubricants, and industrial cleaning. Recently, the company has focused on the development of novel bio-based surfactants, introducing the BioLoop surfactants line. 

Lankem's primary business focus is on surfactant technology, offering expertise and advice to formulators, backed by an on-site laboratory and production lines for both conventional and unique surfactant products​​. Continual development of new products to meet customer demands is a cornerstone of their strategy​​.

Lankem Lab 1

The company's products include surfactants with various properties, such as high or low foam, excellent detergency, good emulsification of oils and monomers, and excellent wetting power. These products cover all surfactant types: anionic, nonionic, cationic, and amphoteric. 

Lankem Lab 2

Lankem are particularly proud of the BioLoops, a line of biobased surfactants developed using novel biobased technologies for sustainable products from renewable sources with comparable performance to synthetic products​​. They offer a variety of anionic surfactants with applications in emulsification, solubilisation, wetting, detergency, dispersion, and foaming​​. Nonionic surfactants, which carry no electrical charge, are also available, used for their emulsification, solubilisation, wetting, dispersion, detergency, foaming, and defoaming properties​​. Amphoteric and cationic surfactants are also part of their range, useful for applications like foaming, solubilisation, and antistatic properties​​.