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REPI 50 Years


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PAT is an authorized REPI formulator of polyurethane, epoxy, and thermoplastic colors. 

The 30-year partnership between PAT and REPI is a testament to the quality and service provided.


We custom match from established color standard systems and supply all colors in customized packaged options. We guarantee quick turnaround for match requests and commercial orders.

Color Match Desk (square)

Our low viscosity dispersions consist of organic and inorganic pigments in a variety of carrier vehicles. The low viscosity, combined with excellent color strength, make these dispersions suitable for both third stream dosing and mass coloration applications.

We take into consideration heat profiles, UV exposure, process method, and resin/system compatibility when formulating your color.

Our dispersions are RoHS and REACH compliant.

We match to PANTONE, RAL, and Federal Standard. Request a color match today.

View our online color books to see reference shades for a variety of applications:



REPI PU FootwearView the footwear color book to see different reference shades specifically formulated for the footwear industry. The shades shown are suitable for coloring PU, TPU, and PVC shoes and boots. REPI liquid color from PAT can be used in mass coloration or metered directly into the mixing head. Shades can vary depending on the type of material to be colored.



View all color references and additives for footwear, flexible PU foam, elastomers, and flooring.


REPI, founded in 1973 in Italy, specializes in developing and producing liquid colorants and additives for plastics. REPI operates globally with facilities in Italy, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Thailand, and has a wide-reaching global network through local partners -  like PAT - to handle requests from all continents​​.

Company History:

1976: Development of colorant pastes for aliphatic and aromatic polyurethane systems.

1980: Production of liquid colors for plastics began.

1987: Started producing masterbatch for coloring expanded polyethylene.

1997: Entered the PET packaging market, focusing on Northern Europe and Russia.

1998: Moved its headquarters and production to Lonate Ceppino, Italy.

2003-2013: Expansion to the United States, Russia, and UK, along with significant growth in R&D and production capabilities.

2018-2023: Further international expansion with the opening of facilities in Thailand and Singapore, and the acquisition of Novosystems GmbH​​​​.


Products Sold:

Liquid pigment dispersions and carbon black, as well as specific additives for various industries like Automotive, Construction, Furniture, and Footwear.

Liquid colorants for polyurethane with low viscosity, ensuring ease of use and maximum yield.

Liquid additives for polyurethane, enhancing performance and protection of the final product.

A complete range of solutions for thermoplastic polymers, including REMAP range of liquid colors and additives.

Liquid colors for various polymers such as PET, HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PC, PMMA, and recycled polymers.

Additives for the packaging industry and industrial applications.

Engineered dosing equipment to improve the quality of coloring processes​​​​​​​​​​.

Markets Served:

Furniture, Building & Construction, Household Care, Specialties in PVC, Advertising, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Automotive, and Food & Beverages.

The company has a strong focus on packaging solutions, offering products for PET, R-PET, HDPE, PP, PC, and PVC, highlighting their commitment to sustainable and recyclable packaging options​​​​.

REPI's history of innovation, expansion, and dedication to quality products and services has positioned them as a key player in the global market for liquid colorants and additives for plastics and polyurethane.