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PAT supplies the US, Canada, and Mexico with the full range of Tramaco materials with a strong focus on the TRAPYLEN® and TRAPUR® systems.

View the TRAPYLEN® line supplied by PAT designed for coating, bonding, printing, and laminating polyolefinic plastics. 


Tramaco is a German company specializing in developing, producing, and selling chemical foaming agents, adhesion promoters, and additives. These products serve a diverse clientele in the plastics, rubber, and coatings industries. Tramaco offer a wide range of products under their established brands TRACEL®, TRAPYLEN®, and TRAPUR®. 


Tramaco emphasizes long-term business relationships with customers, distributors, and suppliers, and has been dynamically developing since its foundation in 1973. They have been working in close cooperation with the ROWA GROUP since 1979​​.

Key products include:

Foaming Agents and Additives: These are developed under the TRACEL® brand for plastics and rubber foaming, including additive masterbatches.

Primer and Adhesion Promoters: The TRAPYLEN® and TRAPUR® systems are designed for coating, bonding, printing, and laminating polyolefinic plastics.

Plastic Film

They are used in various processes like extrusion and injection molding for PVC, polyolefins, crosslinked PE, styrenics, engineering polymers, rubber, and TPE​​​​.